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Thank you for coming to my solo exhibition. It was successfully closed.
My 5 artworks are on sale at online gallery shop Maya Store now. Please note it may close with no announce. Maya Store sales are available only in Japan.


Profile / 略歴

Born in Tokyo Japan, graduated University of Tsukuba master's course in oil painting. Started as an illustrator from 2002. Member of Illustrator's Tsushin. Using pastel with stencil technique from 2018. 

Awards : Honorable mention at 3×3 Illustration Show 18, selected for Society of Illustarators 64 and Tokyo Book Jacket Illustration Competition 7. 

Clients : Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd. , Kadokawa Haruki Corporation.

水野朋子 / 東京生まれ 筑波大学芸術専門学群博士課程修了。 2002年よりイラストレーターとして活動を始める。語学書のイラスト、書籍の装画など。パステルによるイラスト制作を2018年より始める。イラストレーターズ通信会員。3×3 Illustration Show 18 佳作、Society Of Illustrators 64 と 第7回東京装画賞に入選。


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